You’re the Air Traffic Controller in Airport Mania 2

Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips HD

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Why AppHipMom loves it: Time management game at its best

One of the many reasons why I can’t live without my iDevice is because of the games. I love being able to forget the day’s worries by escaping to a game for even just a few short minutes. One of my favorites on my iPad right now is Airport Mania 2. The original Airport Mania was hugely successful and the sequel is bigger and better and does not disappoint.

You are essentially an air traffic controller, who must manage the planes that fly in and out of your airport.  The basics of the game require you to land planes, direct them to the gate and have them ready for take off. Some planes may require repairs, refueling or luggage loading before being able to load passengers for take off. It sounds easy enough, but as you work your way up, it gets increasingly more difficult with multiple planes requiring your attention.

Points are earned by successfully completing each task. Bonus points are earned by color matching planes to the gates and by launching or landing multiple planes on the same runway within a certain period of time.

As you progress in the game, you can purchase upgrades and additional items that will help earn you more points in the game. Examples include adding extra gates or runways so that planes don’t have to wait as long, upgrade gates for faster passenger load times, plane wash as clean planes are happy planes (read more points), painting space to repaint plane colors to help with gate color combos, beverage service and in-flight movies which makes the planes happier. Unhappy planes will leave your airport in search of another.

With 92 levels over 10 airports, there are plenty of levels to keep you interested. Airports include whimsical locations such as the North Pole, the Moon and the Antarctic. Though the animation for Airport Mania 2 is cute and colourful, this is not a game for young children. The game requires strategy and time management skills that young children will find the game extremely frustrating to navigate.

Do you have a favorite time management game you want to share? I’m always on the lookout!

Images: Lemon Games

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