Video Zoom 2 Adds What iDevices Lack – Ability to Zoom in on Video Recordings

Video Zoom 2

Cost: $0.99

Find it: Apple App Store

Why AppHipMom loves it:  Zoom in on video recordings


It’s irked me since day 1 that the iPhone does not have video zoom capability.  I find it strange that I can zoom in to take a photo, but I can’t when recording a video?  Video Zoom 2 fixes what I think is a huge oversight on Apple’s part.

Video Zoom 2 allows for up to 3x digital video zoom and is very easy to use. Just open the app and start recording.  The zoom feature works the same way as the camera zoom feature on the iPhone.  You can even zoom in and out while you’re recording. The video will be saved to the app’s camera roll, however, you can easily export and save the video to the iPhone’s camera roll as well.  Videos can be recorded in either portrait or landscape with flash support.

Check out the screenshots below. The one on the left is a screenshot from the iPhone video setting, which does not have the ability to zoom.  The screenshot to the right is from Video Zoom 2 and is zoomed in on the tent.  As you can see, I could even zoom in more if I wanted to.

iPhone Video Screenshot (no zoom)

Video Zoom 2 Screenshot (with zoom)














The app supports the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation) and the iPad 2.  I hope this feature will be built-in with future iDevice releases, but until then, Video Zoom 2 suits me fine.

Do you miss your iDevice not having a zoom feature?



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  1. Can you zoom in on video that you have recorded for I pad 2 and then save it. For example I am looking at some video footage from a volleyball game and I want to get closer to a certain player and then be able to save that closer footage.

    • Only used it with iPhone & I can’t zoom in after video has been recorded. However, you can adjust the zoom during recordings. Happy Holidays!

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