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Why AppHipMom loves it: who wouldn’t want to see themself as an emoji?

What originally started as the cute yellow happy and sad faces have now turned into kissing lips, birthday cakes, lipsticks, candies and more. It seems like the world can’t get enough of emojis. Even if you’ve never heard of emoji before, chances are you’ve seen them.emoji happy

Now you can turn yourself into an emoji with an app called, imojiapp.

imoji screenshot

Image: Builds LLC

Take a photo or choose an existing photo and after cropping and trimming, you’ve got yourself an imoji. The imoji turns up looking more like a sticker, complete with border you created by trimming the image, but it doesn’t make it any less fun.

The app was very easy to use, except it did take me some time to figure that I had to drag the imoji I wanted to use to the centre of the circle. You can choose to make your imojis public or private. If set to public, anyone can search for your emoji.

imojis minecraft

My kids and I had fun searching through imojis others had created.

imojiapp currently only works with iMessage, but perhaps as it gains popularity, it can integrate with other messaging apps.

So, who do you feel like being today? Creeper, Elmo, Einstein or Rihanna perhaps?


Video courtesy of imojiapp


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