TripAdvisor Finds Restaurants Near You


Cost: Free

Find it: Apple App Store, Android Market

Why AppHipMom loves it: Search restaurants, attractions & hotels on the go

When we’re planning a trip, TripAdvisor is the first place I go to on the web to get the low down on places to stay and attractions to see.  I really didn’t get why an app was necessary–until we had our recent getaway.  I used the TripAdvisor app exclusively in finding places to eat that would appeal to everyone in my family.

As soon as you open the app, there is a tab at the bottom of the screen called “Near Me Now”.  This tab became my new best friend.  Whether we were in an area that didn’t have many restaurants to a very touristy area with many restaurants, this app did its thing.  I simply hit the “Near Me Now” and “Eat” tabs and restaurant listings would appear.  Filters help you to sort by distance, rating, cuisine, price and recommended for (aka atmosphere, i.e. family friendly, romantic, etc.).  From there you can read traveller’s reviews and look up restaurant particulars.

What I absolutely love is the ability to see the location on a map.  When you hit “Get Directions” it will take you to the Maps feature on the iPhone where you can get exact directions by car, public transit or by foot.

I have to admit I always thought TripAdvisor was for researching hotels on the web as that was all I ever used it for.  With the TripAdvisor app, it’s like having your own personal concierge in your pocket.



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