Top 10 Must Have Apps for Blissdom

Blissdom is fast approaching and I know that your smart phone and/or tablet (don’t forget the charger) are on the top of your ‘what to bring’ list.  My phone and tablet are literally naked without the apps so here I present my list of the must have apps to download before you head out the door to Blissdom.

Revised October, 2012

For Staying on Top of the Schedule

Last year, Blissdom had an app that kept attendees up to date with the schedule. Even though there’s no “app” for that this year, I would like to suggest that you save the agenda to the home screen of your smart phone. To save to an iPhone, go to the agenda page from Blissdom (turn off mobile site), look for the forward arrow at the bottom centre of the screen, press it and you’ll find an option to “Add to Home Screen”. Hit that and you can add a title that will appear with the icon (much like an app). That’s all there is to it. Quick and easy access to the schedule whenever you need it.

For All The Business Cards You’ll Receive

CamCard.  This app lets you take a photo of the front and back of business cards and saves it not only within the app but also in your phone’s Contacts list as well.  This way, you’ll always have your contacts close at hand.  Cost: $6.99-$11.99 (lite version available).  Find it:  Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows.


For those with iPads

Penultimate.  I noticed a lot of people taking notes with their iPads at the last conference I attended. If you find it difficult to type on the iPad (like I do), this app’s for you.  Simply use your finger or stylus to write notes.  No typing required!  Cost: $1.99.  Find it: Apple.

Blogsy.  If your blog is with WordPress or Blogger and you feel the itch to write, even publish a post or two during Blissdom, then make Blogsy for iPad your new best friend. This app makes it easy to drag and drop pictures and videos directly into your post.  Cost: $4.99.  Find it: Apple.

For Sharing Photos

Instagram for iPhone.  This easy to use app lets you quickly and easily share photos to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare and Posterous.  I love the various filters that transforms the look of your photo with just one tap.  Trust me, you’ll be using this one a lot. Cost: Free.

Flickr for Android.  Android users take heart.  This newly released app is Android’s answer to Apple’s Instagram. Cost: Free.

For Quick Voice Messages

HeyTell.  I LOVE this app.  HeyTell essentially transforms your smart phone into a walkie talkie.  No dialing required. Your voice message gets sent immediately to the other party.  I know we all love to tweet and text, but this will give your fingers a much needed break.  Cost: Free. Find it: Apple, Android.

For Those without Business Cards

Bump.   Should you run out of business cards, switched purses and left the cards in your other purse (sound familiar?) or forgot your cards at home, it’s Bump to the rescue.  Assuming the other party has an iPhone or Android, you can ‘bump’ your phones together and your details will be transferred to the other phone.  It’s that simple.  You can also bump photos, music, apps and calendar events.  Cost: Free. Find it: Apple, Android.

For the Adventurous

Around Me.  If you’re looking to venture out of the hotel, this app is like having the hotel concierge in your back pocket.  Make sure the location setting on your phone is on and you’ll be directed to the nearest bank, restaurant, bars, shops, gas stations, etc.  Cost: Free. Find it: Apple, Android.

For the Social Media Addict

Hootsuite.  There are certainly many other social media tools available, but Hootsuite is one of my favorites.  Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare are fully integrated so it’s really easy to use and I love that it’s optimized for the iPad.  Cost: Free. Find it: Apple, Android.

What apps do you find yourself using time and time again when you attend conferences?


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