Timeplay great way to pass time before movie starts

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 2.27.19 PMTimeplay

Cost: Free

Find it: App Store, Google Play, Blackberry App World

Why AppHipMom loves it: Bit of fun competition between friends to pass time before movie starts

I’ve known about Timeplay for what seems like forever, but I’ve never had a chance to try it until recently. And let me say, if you go to the movies and you have a smartphone, get this app for no other reason than it’s fun and it kills some time before the main feature starts.

Timeplay is a game/quiz you play from your smart device that pits your movie sense against other movie goers in the same theatre as you. There are a series of questions (I’ve seen anywhere from 3-5) that appear on the big screen and the faster you are with the correct answer, the more points you rack up. As I recently saw Iron Man 3 and Star Trek, the questions were related to the movie I was watching. For example almost all the questions were related to the Marvel superheros (aka Avengers) or Star Trek.photo

Most of the questions I came across required nothing more than a tap but there usually is one where you’ll need to type the answer. Spelling counts and you only get one shot at it. The game is done in a matter of minutes and it’s hilarious to see all the phones lit up when the game is on.

Prizes are not huge, for the one game I won, I received a free appetizer from Kelsey’s and just for playing, everyone got 50 Scene points. I also got a ballot to win a Star Trek gaming chair. There was also $10 off $30 at Kelsey’s.

My daughter and her friends with iPods in hand can play too as they connect to the free WiFi at Cineplex theatres. Setup was easy, once you open the app, choose a screen name from the list and wait for Timeplay to appear on the screen. The game usually starts at the end of the preshow, just before the movie previews start. Choose the correct auditorium and you’re ready to play. Good luck!

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