The new iPad is Here


new iPad 3Image:  Apple Inc.

Apple announced the new iPad last week and as usual, speculation have been buzzing for weeks ahead of the event that Apple will announce the iPad 3 or iPad HD.  Turns out that media buzz got it wrong—Apple will not be bringing us the iPad 3 or iPad HD, but rather the “new iPad” or third generation iPad (both of which are the official names).

Just like the iPhone 4S, the new iPad looks identical to the iPad 2 to the human eye and once again, it’s what’s under the hood that’s important.  Of course to compensate for all the behind the scene changes, the new iPad will be slightly heavier and thicker than its predecessor.

The new iPad will bring even more razor sharp, crisper images (think improved photos, videos, colours and reading) thanks to the new retina display and the 4G LTE technology will make it even faster no matter where in the world you are.   I have never had complaints about either and to think it’s gotten even better—here’s hoping the improvements are glaringly obvious even to the untrained eye.

Siri did not make the cut this time around, but voice dictation did.  No change to the front end camera, but the back end has graduated to 5 megapixels and video recording is in 1080p HD.

The device will be priced similarly to the iPad 2 and the release date is set for March 16, however, pre-orders are now sold out.

For more information as to what you can expect, CNET’s Donald Bell has all the hands-on details about Apple’s third generation iPad.

Is the new iPad a must have or will the iPad 2 suffice?



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