Still Photos Come to Life with Flixel


Cost:  Free

Find it:  Apple App Store

Why AppHipMom loves it:   Show off your “moving” photos


The Flixel (iTunes link) app is a bit hard to explain as it’s one of those things where seeing is believing.

In short, Flixel takes still photos where one element of the photo is moving. Check out the images below from Flixel and you’ll get the picture.


How easy is it to do?  Just take a photo from within the app and swipe with your finger the part of the photo that will “come alive”, i.e. the moving subway train, flame on a candle, etc.  Just like Instagram and other photography apps, there are filters which you can use in addition to forward and backward looping of the image.

When you’re in the app, check out the Flixel feed to see the creative ways others are using the app.  It’s pretty neat.

Sharing to Twitter, Facebook and Email is a snap.  Family and friends will get a kick out this.

Let me know your friends reactions when they see this.

Images courtesy of Flixel.


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