Inside Ganz’s Amazing World

Ganz recently launched their new online game for kids ages 6 and up called Amazing World. This newly created world share similarities to their other mega hit game Webkinz yet each of the games are unique in their own right. In fact, Amazing World reminded me more of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing than Webkinz.Zings

Currently, there are dogs, cats and bears, otherwise affectionately known as “Zings” that act as your alter ego in the 3-D online world. You can purchase your very own Zing (much like Webkinz) and each one comes with their very own exclusive virtual item. You don’t need to purchase a Zing to play. You can play for free, however, the game will be limited. Your Zing has a home and as you earn coins, you can purchase additional items such as clothes, furniture, spare rooms, etc. that will make the Zing and its home uniquely your own.

So how do you earn coins? By simply completing tasks around town such as getting rid of weeds, planting seeds, etc. The completion of tasks will also increase your level in the game. The tasks are each in itself mini-games and younger kids should enjoy the various challenges.

Image: Ganz

The Zing world is beautifully animated, vast and large with a zany cast of characters that guide you around the game. As the tasks require that you navigate your Zing around town, Ganz was wise to put in an arrow that guides your way or else it would be frustrating walking around unsure of what to look for. Being that the world is fairly big, it is broken down into zones, with some zones that are off limits until you reach a certain level to unlock it.

In order to enjoy the game fully, a membership is required.  Benefits of membership include playing with all the characters in Amazing World, no level restrictions, access to all items in the World shop, private messaging your friends and no friend limits. Cost of memberships currently are as follows: $7.95 per month for 3 months, $6.65 per month for 6 months or $5.00 per month for 12 months.

So start exploring Amazing World for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.


*Disclosure: I received a product for testing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.



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