Songza streams playlists for your every mood


Cost: Free

Find it: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry

Why AppHipMom loves it:  instant playlist for my every mood and activity

I love playlists. I need my playlists. Whether it’s a workout or a long road trip, listening to the right kind of music keeps me focused on whatever it is I’m doing (including catching some zzzzz). With Songza, I no longer have to go through the work to create playlists, as this app does it all for me!

Songza takes a bit of a different approach. Instead of basing playlists by just activity, the app offers 6 possible activities according to the time of day. For instance, late Tuesday morning offers “easing the tension” for those needing a break on the job and “doing housework” for those at home, while Friday night offers “love and romance” and “house party”. Once you select your mood/activity, Songza offers additional choices. For example, if you choose “house party”, the app offers 6 categories of music such as “kick-ass indie rock” and “epic pop hits”. From there, you select the playlist that best fits your crowd, such as “girls just wanna have fun” or “crowd pleasing dance pop”. The playlist shows the number of songs it contains as well as artists that are included. It also offers up similar playlists.

You can save favorite playlists, check out what’s trending, purchase songs from iTunes and even set an alarm to a playlist of your choice.

I loved the playlists they offered up for Halloween, everything from horror movie soundtracks to scary sounds, which was perfect to play for trick-or-treaters. No doubt the Christmas playlists will soon come following American Thanksgiving (btw there is a Thanksgiving playlist).

There’s no question, that I am also a fan of TuneIn Radio, but you can’t beat the zero price tag with Songza.

So, what kind of music are you in the mood for?

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