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Moby by Contigo

Cost: Free

Find it: Apple App Store, Google Play, Blackberry App World

Why AppHipMom loves it: Share your location privately with who you want, when you want

Location sharing is all the rage these days but it comes with its pros and cons. I can sleep better knowing where family members are (and vice versa), but I am not a fan of sharing locations publicly. Moby has solved this problem by designing an app for the family in mind (great if you have tweens and teens in your household).

Moby allows you to privately share your location with family & friends. The great thing is others don’t even need the app to receive location updates. A text or email with a link to a map of your location will be sent to non-Moby users. Although Moby claims to share the exact location, I found that it did not detect the exact address, although the pinpoint on the map appeared accurate. Parents with older children will appreciate the “check in” feature which lets your son/daughter discreetly let you know they’ve arrived.

The app was designed for you to be in total control at all times. Share with who you want for a specified period of time lasting from 1 minute to 24 hours. Sharing automatically stops when the pre-determined amount of time have elapsed. You can even send private messages from within the app which is convenient.

One drawback as with any app that requires GPS functionality is that it will drain the battery on your device rather quickly. It’s best to close the app when not in use.

With Moby accessible across devices (Apple, Android, Blackberry), sharing your location with loved ones has never been easier.

What are your thoughts with sharing your location with others? Is it an invasion of your privacy?





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