Quickly Exchange Contacts, Photos with a Simple ‘Bump’

Cost:  Free

Find it:  Apple App Store, Android Marketplace

Why AppHipMom loves it:  exchange contacts and other information in a flash

I used this app for the first time when my friend got a new iPhone after losing her original one.  As she lost all her contacts, she was asking me to provide her with emails and phone numbers of mutual friends.  And wow, did Bump ever come through.  In under a minute, 15 of my contacts were now on her phone in her Contacts list.

With this app, you can exchange not only contacts but also photos, apps, music, calendar and social networks.   Before you get too excited, you won’t be getting your friend’s apps and music for free.  Instead you will be taken to the App Store for app purchase and download or to YouTube and iTunes to listen to and purchase songs.   I like how the calendar feature will search both calendars to find a date and time when both people are available to meet.  However, the app will only search the iPhone calendar and as I’m a big Cozi user, this feature is pretty much useless for me.  Social Networks will let you follow people in Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Once you decide what information you want to be exchanged, you simply bump the two phones, confirm who the information is going to and from and in a flash the data is transferred.  Once you’ve bumped with someone you can share with them again without having to physically bump phones again.  Or you can add a friend and start sharing without ever bumping.  In addition to the other Bump features, you can share a map with your location or send a text message to anyone who is on your friends list.  Text messaging is a great feature that could help reduce your texting fees (esp. international ones) with your mobile carrier.  Just make sure you turn Notifications for Bump on so that you’ll be notified when a text message comes in.

Although the app has a few great features, being able to exchange contacts is the big winner here for me.  And it doesn’t have to be other people’s information, it can also be your own.  Bump your name, phone number and/or email contacts to your babysitter or with the parents of your child’s new friend or with someone you just met at a conference or workshop.  It can’t get any easier.  However, like most apps, both parties need to have this downloaded to their phone but since it’s free and also works with Android, you shouldn’t have too difficult a time in convincing people to do it.

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