Mystery Math Museum App Review

Guest post by Kimberly Couchman, Core Resource Teacher

mystery math museumMystery Math Museum

Cost: $2.99 iPad

Find it: App Store


The folks behind Artgig Studios has struck gold again with Mystery Math Museum, the follow up to the hugely successful Mystery Math Town educational app.

Mystery Math Museum is an appealing app for students in both the primary and junior grades (6-12 years of age). Level of difficulty can be set for any whole number operation and even operations involving mixed numbers under “skills”. Children enjoy the visual and auditory feedback in the game as they roam through the different rooms to solve math problems. The rooms within the game contain many visual details following specific themes, e.g., outer space, wild west, prehistoric, etc.

mystery math museummystery math museum prehistoric

By finding and selecting numbers in each room, children are challenged to solve numeration sentences (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) in order to progress to the next level. No negative feedback is given when incorrect answers are given and multiple opportunities are given to correct errors and progress. There are no timed components to the game. Coupled with the math challenges, they must also find and free a certain number of dragonflies within each level. A lot of attention to detail is evident in the application’s artwork.

Mystery Math Museum is a worthwhile app for a wide range of children. It effectively reinforces basic math facts while stimulating the child’s imagination and sense of fun. Some persistence is needed to find the final pieces needed to progress to the next level.

Disclosure: AppHipMom was given a promo code to facilitate the testing of the app. The opinions expressed belong to that of the author.

Images: Artgig Studios

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