Marble Math mixes old with new

Marble Math & Marble Math Junior

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Why AppHipMom loves it:  Unique spin to learning math

Marble Math and Marble Math Junior has taken something old (marbles) and something new (apps), meshed them together for what is a fun, educational math game.

The app presents a question with one or more possible answers that are scattered around a maze. Once you have the answer, your job is to move your marble around the maze to the correct answer(s). You can drag the marble with your finger or you can choose to tilt the device to roll the marble. Along the way, there are obstacles such as a flashlight that will instantly black out the maze with the exception of a small ray of light around your marble or goop that will slow you down.

Marble Math

Marble Math Junior

Math Marble Junior is specifically targeted to kids ages 5-8 while Math Marble is for the 9-12 age group. Each version has 3 levels to choose from which makes the game customizable to the level of your child. On top of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, Math Marble also focuses on factoring, integers, adding U.S. money, equations and fractions. Math Marble Junior concentrates on primary math that includes addition, subtraction and multiplication to 100, shapes recognition, sequencing, telling time and identifying fractions. I like that each math concept can be turned off depending on what your child is working on at the moment. This leads to less frustration should they encounter a problem they either haven’t learned or mastered yet.

The developer, Artgig Studio has always put the kids first in the development of their apps. I appreciate that the app contains no ads, so there’s less chance for distractions and if requested, the game will show the solution.

Although the dragging/tilting marble concept will keep the younger set challenged, I’m not sure how long the tween set will stay with it before losing interest in the “fun” element of the game.

*Disclosure: I received a promo code for testing purposes. All opinions are entirely my own.


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