iTorch4 – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Price:  Free; Ad-Free $1.99

Find it:  Apple App Store

Why AppHipMom loves it:  turns your iDevice into an easy to use flashlight

The iTorch4 is really a no brainer of a download.  This easy to use app provides some much needed bright light when you need it–fumbling for car keys in the dark, unlocking the front door of your house at night, etc.

The main screen is very clean and simple.  The largest button in the centre is the on/off switch.  To its left is the SOS signaling button (spells out SOS in morse code) and to its right is the settings panel.  Above the on/off button is the multi-speed strobe control.  OK, so I get the SOS button, but I don’t get the strobe control, and in multi speeds no less?  Maybe your kids would enjoy turning your family room into a late night disco?  Honestly, I’ve only used it as a flashlight, there’s no Saturday Night Fever at my house and thank goodness never in an emergency situation (how many people know morse code anyways?).

Another reason I like this app is because it caters to all iPhones.  Some flashlight apps are only good for the iPhone 4 as it uses the camera’s flash as its light source.  The iTorch4 detects which iPhone you have and either emits the light through the camera flash (iPhone 4) or through the screen (iPhone 3/3GS).

This is as easy as it gets.



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