iMagnifier – Good-Bye to Small Print

Price:  Free; Ad-Free $0.99

Find it:  Apple App Store

Why AppHipMom loves it:  turns your iDevice into a magnifying glass

I must be getting old.  My eyesight just isn’t quite what it use to be.  I recently discovered that I can no longer read the fine print on the back of medicine bottles anymore.  Let me clarify.  I can read it, but not without moving the bottle farther and farther away first.  I never thought I would ever need a magnifying glass to help me read, but I have accepted the fact that I now do.  That’s how I found iMagnifier.

The app uses the camera on your iDevice to magnify.  There are 4 zoom levels, depending how large you want the print to be.  On the iPhone 4, you can even turn on the camera’s flash if you need more light.

Now all you have to do it point and read.







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