1. How were you able to bypass age restrictions in order to get your child their own email address?? I’m running into that problem since my child is under the age of 13….

  2. Thank you for posting this, Wendy! We just got my daughter a new iTouch for her birthday, and I set it up under my iTunes account. I was regretting that decision when I started to receive texts from her friends on my phone. Now I have a solution – thanks again!

    • Kathy, have you been able to get her off that thing yet?! Bet she was super stoked, especially since nowyou can’t see her messages, lol!

  3. christine a says:

    Thank you so much.. I was able to set one of my children up but not the second. Anyone have any luck setting more then 1?

  4. christine a says:

    never mind I figured it… Thanks so much!!!

  5. christine a says:

    never mind I figured it… Thanks so much!!!

  6. Awesome, I was half way there but his helped finish it off!

  7. Thank you so much for the very detailed guidance! Used yahoo mail, fifty cents is a small price to pay to have the accounts. My girls are going to be so excited after school today and I am going to look like super Mom.

  8. Great guide and really useful.

    One problem I’m havi though is that the iPod wants to “verify” my son’s email address which then seems to think I am changing my own iTunes email. Any ideas??

  9. I used Zillamail to set up a free email address for my daughter. It has a robust parental control system and is certainly enough to allow her to setup an Apple ID and then use Facetime on her iPod Touch.

  10. Is there anyway, I can set up my sons I touch and recieve his iMessages but him not recieve mine?

  11. Having the same problem as Paul J, wants to verify my son’s address and change my apple ID? Any suggestions?

  12. Kelly,
    not sure why it’s asking you to change your apple ID. Do you have multiple apple IDs and if so, are you entering the primary one? Failing that, try turning off iMessage at the top and try again. Good luck. Wendy

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