How to Forward, Delete iPhone Text Messages

 how to forward delete text messages

You never think you may need to forward a text but inevitably an address or phone number or other pertinent details get sent to you via text and you need to pass it on. You can always copy and paste it into an email but that’s way more strokes and taps of the keyboard than needed. So forwarding that text is an much easier option and here’s how to do it on iOS 7 iDevices.

1) Double tap the bubble of the text you want to forward.

2) Tap “more”.

forward text 1

3) You’ll see bubbles to the left of each text with the one you wish to forward filled in with a checkmark. To forward more than one text, tap on the corresponding bubbles (will be sent as 1 run-on message).

To delete messages, tap on the bubbles of the corresponding text(s) you wish to delete and hit “delete all” at the top left of the screen.

forward tex

4) To forward the message, tap on the arrow right button that appears on the bottom right of your screen.

5) Enter who you want to forward the text to.

how to forward text message iphont

6) Hit send and you’re done.


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