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Whether it’s for the office, team sports, parental car pool or class list at school I always have group contact lists. You know the one, when little Johnny joins the baseball or hockey team and the email (or worse off a small illegible wallet sized card) comes around with the contact list of everyone’s names, phone numbers and addresses. You end up with emails of attachments over the years and even though you know exactly where you stashed the list, it still takes time to access it. Well, search no more as Ringya keeps all of your group contact lists (known as “Rings”) in one place for easy access just like your contact list on your smartphone.

My_Rings_iPhoneRingya can download lists from an email attachment (Word or Excel), from a photo you snap or from manual entry. When I tested the first 2 methods, I was pleasantly surprised how accurate the end product was. If you download from a digital file, it will take some time. For a list with about 50 names (parents and kids), phone numbers, addresses and descriptions, it took about 2 hours, give or take. This is the only negative thing I have to say about Ringya. Trust me when I tell you it’s worth the wait.

Each “Ring” is the group name, so for example, Johnny’s JK class 2013-2014 (I remember a mom always organizing the class list when my kids were in kindergarten and you’ll be surprised how often I turned to that list). Once the Ring is downloaded, you’ll have everyone’s name in alphabetical order by surname with all the details that were included on the original list. What I love is that the contact information includes the person’s “title”. So for example, “Jane Clark, Johnny Clark’s mom”. How super helpful is that? When Jane Clark calls you to arrange a playdate with her son Johnny, your phone will show “Jane Clark, Johnny’s Clark’s mom, JK class” calling. That puts everything in perspective as you immediately know the connection.


You can search by role or by group (depending what was originally listed), so for this particular example it was a Ring for my daughter’s hockey team, I can search by role (i.e. kids, mom or dad) or by group (AP players, others).

Ringya makes the dreaded “telephone tree” obsolete as you can call, text or email all contacts within a ring (I can’t say I’ve tried this yet). But I can see how it can be extremely helpful for team sports to notify parents of delayed or cancelled games/practices, change in location, time, etc. What’s great is that you can share the entire Ring or just some of the Ring contacts by creating a link to the Ring.

I’m sure you can think of several groups that you and/or your children are involved in. Ringya will organize all your contacts with ease. This is one of my must have apps.

How do you currently organize group contact information?

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