How to add multiple callers on iPhone

So, you’re yakking away on your iPhone when you realize that you would like to add more people to the conversation. This may not be something you think about until the time you need to do it. It’s pretty darn simple, and here’s how.

Note that you must be connected with the second caller before you can add other callers into the conversation.

  1. Once you’re both connected, tap the “add call” button, which will take you to your contact list. If the third party is not listed in your contacts, you can tap on the “keypad” button and dial the number. Your other caller will be put on hold at this point.
  2. When the third party answers the call, press “merge calls” and everyone will be joined in on the conversation.
  3. Simply repeat the process until you’ve added everyone you need. You can add up to 5 calls in total.

Conference call 1conference 2

Should you at any point wish to speak to any one party in private, simply tap the right arrow near the top of your screen and this will take you to a listing of everyone on the call. Tap the green “private” button to the far right of the screen and you will be on a private call with that party. Should you wish to hang up on a caller, tap the red phone button to the far left.


conference 4conference 3

If this seems too complicated (it really isn’t) or if you need to add more than 5 callers, consider CrowdCall.




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