How to add Eventbrite tickets to Passbook

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Eventbrite seems to be everywhere these days. If you’re registering for an event online (like Blissdom Canada), chances are good it’s through Eventbrite. And for an iPhone addict like myself, I couldn’t be happier to learn that I can now add my Eventbrite tickets to Passbook on my iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 6.

To add Eventbrite tickets to Passbook:

1) Download the free Eventbrite app.

2) Once you’ve registered for an event, a digital version of your ticket will appear in the Eventbrite app under “My Tickets”. Click on the event you wish to add to Passbook and go to “View Ticket”. 

3) At the top right corner, you’ll see an arrow, just hit the arrow and the option to “Add to Passbook” will appear. Click on that option. 

4) The final step is to click the “Add” button at the top right corner and voila, your ticket will magically appear in Passbook. 

If you register for an event via your iDevice, you’ll be also be able to add the ticket to Passbook directly from your browser.

Since Passbook is equipped with time and location notifications, your ticket should automatically appear on your home screen when you arrive at the event. How frigging cool is that? I can’t wait to see this work at Blissdom! (If you’re looking for other great apps that you can use at Blissdom or at any conference, check out the post I wrote last year about essential apps for conferences, including Blissdom).

So, no need to print your ticket (yay), no more searching your purse/bag for the ticket (double yay), no more searching your email for the confirmation (woot). Your digital tickets awaits you in Passbook.

My hope is that more and more companies in Canada will integrate with Passbook. What companies would you like to see added to Passbook?



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  1. Thanks for the post. I didn’t even think to add my tickets to Passbook. I just did and it was painless. I wish I had Passbook when I was at BlogHer last summer. Keeps everything nice and organized.

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