HeyTell – A Voicemail Walkie Talkie


Price:  Free

Find it:  Apple App Store, Android Market

Why AppHipMom loves it:  Record & send instant voicemail messages

HeyTell is brilliant.  It essentially turns your phone into a voicemail walkie talkie.  It’s text messaging without the typing (who doesn’t love that? For the record, yes I’m a bit lazy). It also can locate the whereabouts of your friends (as a mother, I’m not a big fan of this feature).

With the press of a button, this free app lets you record a message which will be instantly sent to your friend’s phone.  They can listen to it whenever they want.  I was pleasantly surprised at the crystal clear sound quality of my messages. The app works over wifi or 3G.  According to HeyTell, messages are about the size of an email, so although it will hit your data usage,  it won’t hit it  too hard.  Not bad for a free app!

This app can save you a lot of money if you want to talk to friends in different parts of the world (with this app, I wish I had more international friends).  I find myself using it more when I’m on the run, late for an appointment.  It saves time in that I don’t have to send a text to tell the person I’m running behind, but with a quick voicemail text, I’m off in my car.  Sure I could call them as I’m driving and tell them, but honestly half the time I can’t find my bluetooth (not to mention more wasted time looking for my bluetooth when I’m already late!).

As with any app, make sure your push notifications are turned on so that you will be notified (like a text message) when you receive a HeyTell message. For the iPhone, go to settings, notifications.  Many of my friends have missed this and have complained that they don’t know when they’ve received a message.

Some quick tips.  1) Make sure to press and hold the button as you record your message.  2) The location feature only works if both you and your friend have maps opened on your phones and where you have enabled the location setting on your phone.  If you don’t want your location to be known, make sure it’s turned off.  For the iPhone, go to settings, general, location services.  If you have an iPhone 3G/GS, simply turn location services off.  If you have an iPhone 4, you have the option of turning each app location on or off.  In this case, find HeyTell, and turn it off.

So what are you waiting for? Download HeyTell and start inviting your Apple and Android friends from across the miles to join in.


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