Halloween – Walking Dead Style

Ok, I can’t let Halloween slip by without talking about one of my latest small screen obsession – AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Truth is I’m a scaredy cat for this kind of stuff. I record the show on my PVR and the only time I can watch is at night. But then I can’t frigging sleep (damn zombies!). If you love the show too, then I wanted to share a few Walking Dead apps with you, perfect for Halloween and beyond.

Walking dead dead yourselfThe Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

Cost: Free

Find it: Apple App Store, Google Play

There are many apps that can turn anyone into a full fledge zombie, but the special effects with the Walking Dead: Dead Yourself app is gruesomely awesome (just like the television show). I think this is a reason why I can’t sleep after watching the show as the walkers (slang for zombies) look so frigging real (like I would know what dead people would look like). Take a selfie or choose from your camera roll and transform yourself body part by body part and get a kick out of scaring the pants off of family and friends.

dead yourself 1dead yourself 2

Images: AMC Network

walking dead gameWalking Dead: The Game

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Find it: Apple App Store

If you just can’t wait a week between episodes and feel the need for an adrenaline rush, then maybe the Walking Dead: The Game for iOS may be the ticket you need to get through the week. This adventure game has the comic book feel as you play as Lee Everett, a convict heading to prison just as the zombie outbreak starts. As he struggles to come to grips with the new world around him, he’s fighting for his survival and that of a little orphan girl named Clementine.

Surprisingly, the game is not all about killing walkers, but rather a game of survival where Lee must make life or death decisions that will affect the storyline to your game. You may not make the same decisions as your friend, so you both may have different experiences in playing the game.

walking dead game 1

Image: Telltale Games

As die-hard (no pun intended) fans eagerly await the release of  the second season of the game, developers launched a special episode to season 1 called “400 days” (in-app purchase) which follows the stories of 5 new survivors based on the first 4o0 days of the zombie outbreak. Once again, 400 days is not heavy on zombie killing but rather focuses on your ability to make split second decisions based on narratives and how you choose to interact with your surroundings.

The Walking Dead: The Game will test your ability to survive in a new world overtaken by zombies. You’ll have to make critical decisions, problem solve, explore and fight with both the living and the dead in order to stay alive. We’ll see who’s got what it takes to make it to the end.

The first episode of the game is free, with individual episodes 2-5 or 400 days costing $4.99 each or purchase a multi-pack (episodes 2-5) for $14.99. If you want episodes 2-5 and 400 days, it’ll cost $19.99.

Android users can check out adventure game Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning or The Walking Dead: Assault, a strategy game with all your favourite Walking Dead characters you have grown to love.


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