From CyberPatrols to Mobile Watchdogs: How to Keep Our Kids Safe Online

Guest Post by Sookie Lioncourt

With the Internet fast-becoming a right and not a privilege, parents—especially moms—are faced with a daunting task of keeping their children safe online. Since these kids are growing up in the Digital Age, they’re completely at home with technology and they can’t live without it. In fact, in a statistic published on PCMag’s website: Babies as old as 6 months are already playing with their parents’ gadgets. Also, children aged between 2 to 5 years old know how to operate smart devices compared to playing physical activities. Companies like O2 have partnered with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) to develop safety measures to keep children safe while online.

Apps to Help Monitor Your Little Ones

Since your kids can easily search for information on the Internet, it’s really important for us to help them understand the dangers of the World Wide Web. From pornography to cyberspace bullies, we want to make sure that our children are safe from these objectionable and aggressive online behaviors. Now, to help you get a peace of mind while they’re online, here are some mobile applications and computer software to help you out:

Net Nanny Mobile (ContentWatch, Inc.)

Net Nanny

Boost your kids’ online safety with the Net Nanny Mobile app. It’s a powerful Internet filter which can be easily customized. Now, you can easily block hate speeches, gambling, alcohol, pornography, and other inappropriate topics found on the web. This application also features an App Manager which lets you remotely uninstall apps, block websites, and view the applications downloaded by your children. Also, you can now block any in-app purchases when needed. Now, you have the power to choose which mobile apps they can use. It’s available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Courtesy of NetNannyVids

GoGoStat’s Parental Guidance (Schakra Inc.)

Monitor your child’s potentially unsafe activity on their social media accounts with this application. It keeps you from having to check and review their Facebook pages every day. If they start to post status messages containing references to drugs, sex, and hate-mongering, it automatically notifies the parents about it. When they add new friends to their accounts, it can show you their ages, location, and to whom these people are connected to. You can also check if your child posts his or her personal profile details, which is unsafe when viewed by the public. Keep them safe to avoid harm with the GoGoStats Parental Guidance mobile software.

Courtesy of GoGoStat

FBI Child ID (Federal Bureau of Investigation)


Designed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, it’s a helpful application that parents can use when their kids disappear while shopping in the mall, or during other emergencies. With it, you can store your children’s photos, vital information, height, and weight. This proves to be helpful, especially when authorities need physical identifiers to help you locate your child. Also, you can email your kid’s information if necessary. The FBI also assures the public that their app will store or collect information from your mobile device.

Courtesy of FBI

Cyber Patrol Parental Controls (CyberPatrol LLC)

Aside from smartphones and tablets, our kids also use laptops or desktops while at home, which they use to surf the Internet. To make sure that they don’t wander into adult-oriented websites, chat rooms, or even limiting their access to their social media accounts, let the Cyber Patrol Parental Controls help you “control” their online activities. It’s actually easy and flexible enough to help you manage multiple user profiles, and set the limits on their Internet access. From filtering websites, controlling which application can be used, monitor their online behavior, and you can also set their time while online. Take control of what they may or may not do online with this versatile software.

Courtesy of 1CyberPatrol

My Mobile Watchdog (eAgency Mobile Security Inc.)


If you’re looking for an application that allows you to create a master contact list on your kids’ mobile phone, better use this nifty mobile app. It allows you to monitor their phone calls, SMS or text messages sent, and record the MMS or pictures messages they just sent. Their mobile activities will be sent to you daily via email, and it can even track their locations via GPS. Aside from these basic features, it also has time blocking (designating specific times for usage), application blocking, web access blocking, and web logging (all their online activities can be viewed through your account. Keep an eye on their Internet activities with the My Mobile Watchdog.

As parents, we really have to be more active, especially when it comes to protecting our children’s innocence. Take time to talk to them and know what their online activities are. Educate them about the dangers online and how to avoid them. Although these mobile applications will help you monitor their activities, a little bit of TLC (tender loving care) will go a long, long, way.

Courtesy of Mymobilewatchdog


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