Capture Lets You Record in a Flash

Capture – The Quick Video Camera

Cost:   $0.99

Find it:  Apple App Store

Why AppHipMom loves it:  Fires up video recordings instantly

One of the pet peeves in life is how you always seem to miss the first few seconds of that special moment because you’re waiting for your video camera to start up.  As you know, I love my iPhone but waiting to take a photo or video recording can be somewhat painful.

Capture-The Quick Video Camera is exactly that, a quick video camera.  It doesn’t try to be everything, instead it just does one thing and does that well.

Image courtesy of Sky Balloon

As soon as you launch the app, Capture automatically starts to record.   I love this feature so much that this app is now sitting on my dock, beside the Phone, Mail and Safari apps.  This way, it’s completely accessible on every screen of my phone.

But the pro is also the con.  Because it’s on my dock, I’ve accidentally hit the Capture icon many times and it started recording.  Sure there’s no harm done, but it’s just a nuisance.  I’m tempted to turn the instant record feature off, but then isn’t that the reason I bought the app in the first place?

Recordings are conveniently saved to the Camera Roll on your iPhone and there is an option to turn the flash on when you record.

The app only works on iPhones running iOS 4.0 or higher.

Sometimes the best things in life are the simple ones, don’t you agree?





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