Candy Crush Saga is Wildly Addicting

candy crush sagaCandy Crush Saga

Cost: Free

Find it: App Store, Google Play

Why AppHipMom loves it: I just can’t put this game down

I have a big crush on Candy Crush Saga. The game is Bejeweled on steroids. There are so many elements and challenges in Candy Crush Saga to suck you in for hours. The colourful game board is entrancing, drawing you in with every match you make. Be warned, Candy Crush Saga is crazy addictive.

candy crush map

The objective is pretty straight forward. Swap and match 3+ candies of the same colour to reach the goal of a minimum amount of points. It should be noted that it is very difficult to successfully clear the level just by matching 3 colour candy matches the entire time but creating super candies can get the job done. Super candies are created when matching 4 or 5 candies of the same colour and special boosters can help in the quest as well. The game would be easy if it stopped right here, but you are limited to having so many moves or a set amount of time to reach the goal.

candy crush jellycandy crush board

There are 500+ levels to Candy Crush Saga and each level has an objective. Whether it’s clearing all the jelly, dropping all ingredients to the bottom or clearing 99 yellow candies, you are given a task each time. This is what makes Candy Crush Saga so appealing. It’s a game of patience and strategy. Each time you fail a level, you lose a life, 5 lives and yerrr out! You must then wait several hours for all 5 lives to regenerate or you can hit up Facebook friends to give you lives or you can pay to continue playing. Let me tell you, those 5 lives can go real quick. The more you play a level, the better you get at figuring out how to beat the level, so your pulse is racing to get more lives so that you can once and for all complete the @%*! level and move on.

If the 500+ levels isn’t enough, Dreamworld gets unlocked once you successfully complete the first 50 levels. At time of writing, Dreamworld  has 200 levels and plays by the same rules but with a twist. Odus the owl is sitting on his perch on top of the crescent moon with 2 colour candies on each side. If you clear too many of the same coloured candies and tilt Odus off the moon, it’s game over. Therefore, you must try to balance Odus and compensate with the other colour candies when he is too far on one side. It’s much harder than it appears, not to mention frustrating as the game could end with still many more moves available. On the flip side, fill up Odus’s moon meter and watch the board light up as one colour gets blasted off the board. This makes for a huge move!

I’m only on measly level 142 at the time of this post. I can say, up until 120 or so, it was pretty much smooth sailing. Now it’s gotten progressively harder, it’s taking more time to pass a level (I don’t pay to continue playing nor do I hit up Facebook friends for more lives). But the feeling when you clear the level is oh so candylicious sweet.

Hint: Playing on a tablet is so much easier than on a smartphone. The larger screen is perfect for Candy Crushing.



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