Bobo Explores Light Electrifies Kids Learning

Bobo Explores Light

Cost: $4.99

Find it:  Apple App Store (iPad only)

Why AppHipMom loves it: Engaging education app geared to 8-12 year olds

Bobo is for Tweens

As the title suggests, Bobo Explores Light is a science offering, which I’m personally delighted to see, as high quality educational apps are few and far between, especially ones aimed at the pre-teen crowd.

Bobo Explores Light is a 118 page educational book guided by a playful robot named Bobo.

The book contains 21 topics related to the science of light. Topics include lasers, the human eye, photosynthesis, reflection and refraction just to name a few. I know, the topics are far from exciting, and you (like myself) may recall sitting in science class (bored and unamused) but Bobo has a way of making these topics stimulating and exciting for the kids.

Creative and Unique

Kudos to the developers for making every page in the app unique and entertaining and that includes the Table of Contents.  Kids will enjoy turning the gears to advance the film reel which displays each chapter. Points for originality and creativity here.

The main page for each topic is where kids can interact and have fun with Bobo. Kids will enjoy seeing Bobo refract light with a fish bowl, roasting marshmallows and playing with lasers.

Each chapter has 3 sections that goes in-depth into the subject matter at hand. Videos, articles, trivia, animation and even 3D holograms (be sure to tap Bobo’s antennae) are used brilliantly throughout the book to highlight and complement the key takeaways of the lesson. Articles and trivia fun facts are written with the 8+ age group in mind as interesting facts are presented in a way that’s not intimidating or boring.

Worth the Money

Bobo Explores Light is in my opinion, worth every penny. Often times, developers rush to get an app to market. That was clearly not the case with Bobo Explores Light. From start to finish, the app did not disappoint. Bobo may even make a scientist of your child yet.

Do you think Bobo can get your child excited about science?

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