Be Confident in Who You Are is a Great Read for Tweens

Be Confident in Who You Are: Middle School Confidential

Cost:  $2.99

Find it:  Apple App Store (iPad only)

Why AppHipMom loves it:  Unique comic book style resource for tweens

With the App Store full of book apps for the little ones, this app is a welcome breath of fresh air.  Be Confident in Who You Are: Middle School Confidential focuses on the difficult tween years, which as a parent I can sure use all the help I can get. Kids today are faced with many insecurities and challenges such as body image, self confidence, bullying, hot and cold friendships, high/low emotions, popularity, etc. When I was offered an opportunity to try this app, I jumped at the chance only because I saw my own daughter go through many of these sticky situations in recent months.

be confident in who you arecartoon style book

Be Confident in Who You Are is an iPad app that is based on the first book in the Middle School Confidential series written by American teen expert and anti-bullying activist Annie Fox, M.Ed. I love how the app is written in a comic book format (illustrated by Matt Kindt), which shows me that the authors are in tune with their audience.

The book follows 6 seventh grade friends, each representing a teen stereotype, i.e. brain, jock, princess, geek, nerd.  The start of the book provides an introduction to each of the characters along with a glimpse into their personalities.  There are 8 chapters in all, each focusing on a specific tween dilemma:

  • Do You Like the Way You Look?
  • Sometimes I Worry What Other People Think
  • Sometimes I Just Lose It
  • Meet the Opinionator
  • Fact Finder-Getting at the Truth
  • I Don’t Get It
  • I’m Stressed Out
  • I Like Who I Am

Since the app was designed for boys and girls between the ages of 8-14, there is no narrator read aloud option as the app pays respect to the young readers in providing them an easy to read, relatable story with realistic solutions.  I like how you can zoom in to each comic strip by double tapping, which may also trigger related sound effects.

matt kindtannie fox, m.d.

My 10 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed the book, but admitted that there were some situations that she didn’t fully understand, but what’s great is that we can pull this out again when the time comes. My 8 year old did not comprehend the stories but did enjoy the comic style element of the book.

I only wish the quizzes, tips and tools that are found in the print books were included in the app.  My daughter loves doing the quizzes and this would add another element to the app.  I hope this will be considered with future updates.

*Disclosure:  I received the app for free for review purposes.  The opinions expressed are my own.


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