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Why AppHipMom loves it: easy way to visually chronicle everyday life

Journaling remains popular but with the busy lives we lead, people are finding it harder to keep up with it, especially on a daily basis. That’s where an app like HeyDay comes in.

HeyDay is an automatic journaling app. With permission to use photos from your Camera Roll and location, HeyDay will sort photos and videos chronologically by date and location. You can even add text to each entry, make it super easy to remember important items. It’s fun and easy to scroll through your timeline to see where, when and what you’ve done over time. Location tagging is powered by Foursquare so it’s convenient to have multiple options of nearby venues available to choose from. 


Personally, my favourite feature is the photo collage. HeyDay will automatically arrange your photos and/or videos into a collage, with the ability for you to quickly change layouts and filters. As I attend a lot of events, this has been a timesaver. As the app integrates with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, sharing is a mere taps away.

Feeling nostalgic? Just tap on the magnifying glass to “Explore” and HeyDay will show you all the places you’ve been as well as friends you’ve added.

This could be a very popular app amongst parents who are always taking photos of their kids. What a quick and easy way to share those birthday, school concert, soccer game photos and videos with friends and family along with your thoughts on the day. Or even to chronicle all the milestones the baby has reached?

HeyDay is not yet available for Android, but it’s in the works. So Android users, hang tight.

Images: Hey, Inc.


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