4 Pics 1 Word simple word puzzle game

4pics4 Pics 1 Word

Cost: Free

Find it: App Store, Google Play

Why AppHipMom loves it: Simple yet addicting word game

I’ve got to give my daughter’s friend Caitlyn for introducing this simple word game to us.  Many of her friends are playing this, so it appears to be the “it” game right now, at least for the tween set. Even my 9 year old son has started playing.

The name says it all – 4 Pics 1 Word. You’re given 4 images and it’s your job to figure out the 1 word they have in common. Along with the images, you’re also given the number of letters in the word (much like hangman) and 12 jumbled letters to which the word comes from. The images to some puzzles are obvious but others, I would question their choice of image.


As you complete each puzzle, you earn coins. If you’re stuck, you can have a correct letter shown for 60 coins. For 90 coins, a few of the 12 letters will be deleted. If you don’t have enough coins, you can buy coins via in-app purchase. However, there are also some free options available. Since the world is all about social gaming, 4 Pics 1 Word allows you to post the puzzle directly to your Facebook wall so that friends can help. The tweens have yet discovered another option (as they’re not on Facebook) — posting a screenshot to Instagram. You must solve the puzzle before you can advance to the next puzzle (which probably explains why there’s an app for the cheats).

Although there’s no annoying music, there is a bothersome beep every few seconds that’ll drive you bonkers after a while. This is to highlight the fact that you can use your coins to buy some help. But even with the sound off, you’ll have to put up with seeing the help buttons wiggle every few seconds.

I gotta admit that I’m no word puzzle genius, but I made it through the first 30 or so puzzles without much effort (though I hear upper levels get more difficult). 4 Pics 1 Word won’t knock your socks off if you’re the hardcore word, brain teaser gamer, but I can see the appeal, especially for tweens.  Judging by the numerous word puzzle apps in its category, there are no shortage of word games out there. As a parent, I have to say solving word puzzles beats out killing zombies any day!




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  1. Hi AppHipMom, Thanks for the intro – this does seem to be a wildly popular game right now! For younger kids, you might take a look at our new game, 7 Little Words for Kids. No in-app purchases, no coins, no zombies…


  3. Great article! And we just released the multiplayer version of 4pics 1 word, so now you can play against your friends! 🙂


    Lots of fun, especially when kids find themselves able to beat mom and dad! 😉

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