3 excellent interactive iPhone Apps for under 10s

As much as I enjoy writing about apps, I like getting other people’s take on things as well. This post from guest writer Kerry Butters lists 3 excellent interactive apps for kids under 10. As great minds think alike, I have to say that I couldn’t agree more with her picks.


Technology is ensuring that today’s parents have a number of resources to hand when it comes to helping children learn in a way they enjoy. Remember the days of cardboard books and flash cards? Although these do still have their uses, technology plays a large role in keeping kids engaged with learning in a fun way.

Currently doing well in the app charts is LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, by Warner Bros., which is suitable for kids aged around 5-7 years.

Children can choose to play as their favorite character, Harry, Ron or Hermione, amongst others and there are more than 40 levels all based on the hugely popular Harry Potter books and movies. This is also available for the iPod Touch and iPad, for those of you who have more than one device.

Image: Warner Bros. Entertainment

This newer, updated version of the popular Harry Potter LEGO app builds on previous gameplay and gives kids a mixture of excitement, as they explore Hogwarts Castle, fun through gameplay and even some light, child-friendly humor. Although the app claims to be for kids aged 5-7, it’s going to appeal to children older than that too.


For younger kids Word Wagon by Duck Duck Moose is a fun and interactive way to help kids with learning to read.

Mozzarella the mouse, along with best buddy Coco the bird, play with words, letters and phonics and this is kind of like a bang up-to-date version of the old flash card with additional features. Young kids will be delighted with the characters, who play hide and seek, dress up as ghosts or draw pictures as they are learning as well as much more.

Image: Duck Duck Moose

Word Wagon has over 100 words from seven different categories, including animals, food and much more and is suitable for kids aged between 1-7 years. Reward stickers and stars can be collected to add even more features to the game as the child progresses.
There are 4 Levels for Preschool through Grade 1 (Ages 1-7):

  • Level 1: Letters – Learn the names of the letters
  • Level 2: Phonics – Learn the sounds of the letters
  • Level 3: Spelling I – Spell words up to 4 letters
  • Level 4: Spelling II – Spell words up to 6 letters


The Monster at the End of This Book…starring Grover! by Sesame Street is one of the most popular apps for kids around and is suitable for little ones aged around 3-6 years. This has reached the top of the iTunes charts and one review from a pre-school teacher said that it had the whole class laughing very hard.

Image: Sesame Workshop

Grover, a popular Sesame Street character, ensures that the ‘book’ is a completely immersive experience, as he attempts to tie down pages and build walls to keep readers from the monster at the end of the book.

It’s fully interactive and features touch-point animation; tapping on Grover will make him talk and the app is designed to increase children’s spatial development and listening, with more difficult words highlighted to help build reading skills.

These are just three example of the excellent learning tools that teachers and parents can utilise to help their kids reach their full potential and will give anyone new to the iPhone a good starting point.

About the author:  Kerry Butters writes about the best iPad and iPhone Apps for under 10s on behalf of Broadband Genie.

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